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Sneaker Shoe Beginning

Almost everyone around the world loves sneakers shoes. The sneakers go back for centuries, where people would wear rubber-soled shoes that they called plimsolls. But, just as the beauty of sneakers today, back then, the sneakers shoes were regarded as pretty crude.

Price and innovation 

It is believed that somewhere in 1984, is where the price of sneakers took off. Basketball superstar Michael Jordan signed a contract to wear the name brand Nike shoe called Air Jordans. That brand Air Jordans is considered the most famous sneaker ever made on the sneakers shores brand. 

As a best-seller, the Air Jordans brand continues as the number one seller in all major online stores and local shoe stores. 

Companies like Reebok, Adidas, and Nike are the big names in sneakers, but there is a list of other names out there that most of us do not look for or know about. Like Y-3 not well-known in our parts. It is a sneaker brand that was created by an influential designer, Yohji Yamamoto, a Japanese, in conjunction with Adidas. 

Have you seen the Puma sneaker brand worn by a friend? Maybe not but is worn by millions. That’s why the company boost that its brand of sneakers is designed for style. It is engineered for performance and built for your active lifestyle, the Puma website boost. The collection of men’s sneakers are ready to take one through their day. If you need a pair of training shoes to wear to the gym or for everyday use that will elevate your favorite outfit, Then PUMA’s sneakers for both women men offer the comfort and versatility for the occasion.

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