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Nickelback – Photograph

July 17, 2016 - Comment

© 2007 WMG Photograph Buy it on iTunes: Nickelback's new album, 'No Fixed Address' is available now: Connect with Nickelback: Related

© 2007 WMG

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Nickelback's new album, 'No Fixed Address' is available now:

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Christopher McAllister says:



+Jake from State Farm lolz

the zephyr men says:


Mutchy's Gaming says:

The song was released in 2005. When the actual music video was filmed I am
unsure on.

Jake from State Farm says:

I see you are drinking again!

SP3NC3RXD says:


XiL says:

I think it’s a vase

A vase made of metal

Dree Gomes says:

Amen to that 🙂

Lili Rochefort says:

+Dylan Lang how do you spell ‘ i’m a fucker who is trying to look for
attention by mentioning 12 year old girls, but i am a 12 year old fuckboy
my self’

Dylan Lang says:

+Lili Rochefort How about you spell like you’re not mentally handicapped?
Jesus Christ…

Chase Cameron says:


XxKEAxX 01 says:

+DJ Abbas spellman

Gamer's Gaming says:

if u have autoplay on it will be nickelback – far away

Dylan Lang says:


-12 year old girls

Dylan Lang says:

+Tommy Sandal No one cares that you’re a liberal, kys.

Michael Dunaway says:


Ct Hoisington says:

+DJ Abbas ur a homo

Jeniece McCoy says:

well Dree Gomes I wish I was 24 years old again. Lol. I had to comment
because I can totally relate to what your saying. But I will agree with you
time does fly and before you know it, the music your listening to now will
be on the oldies station when you hit my age. ( my heyday was the 80’s)
glad they came and went. So enjoy it goes fast.
May we all find peace in our world. 💜

Zach826 says:

This song was made in 2009 so it isnt filled with shitty “trolls” as today

Cody Norton says:

This is the greatest most perfectly timed comment I’ve ever read
Thank you

Madden Beast says:

Am I the only one never getting a ad on this video 😂

EduraD says:


The Lemon says:

Darude – Sandstorm

Rachel says:


Rachel says:


Sewilho says:

+Sewilho entender*

Sewilho says:

ahn?????? tentando entendee

W01f94n9 says:

I always considered them bros aha

mouwersor says:

+Marcelo Affonso Why did it have to be verified?

//ZaiZai// says:

Some rap songs from back in the day were alright. sort of

Marcelo Affonso says:

verified channel

Gennie England says:

I think of friends when I hear that

KeeganGilpin 95 says:

+DJ Abbas shut the f*** up b****

S.S EtHaN says:

yes I was just about to comment that

Clara Thomes says:

+Presley Gilley lol

Clara Thomes says:


MERC Campas says:

idk either i was told that i was a gonna be a 40 year old person that livez
with there mom cuz i here his muis btw im a a guy this is my moms account
im 17

Dylan Hysell says:


mouwersor says:

Why is there a block next to your name?

Hayden says:

#memes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The Greely Report says:

They really aren’t that bad lol, just the whole country rock thing puts
people off.

Jerry Phipps says:


Dindu Nuffin says:

+I just wanna comment you just wanted to comment didn’t you

Kaylee Bieske says:

TJ Mcintyre you are so rude and laughing at someone who believes in this
song that is their whole life i am 13 yrs old and i am hearing impaired if
i see u laughing at someone esle again i’m gonna report u

THE HASH says:

It ended up pretty much becoming the first viral internet meme, and another
reason I heard was that it’s too “perfect” they werent sloppy in any way so
it sounded like rock-pop to some people I guess? I don’t get it, I love a
bunch of their songs.

cønner hemmings says:

and to this day, chad still never figured out what the hell was on joeys

Aj Scott says:

soo true

gamingmelon3333 says:

I thought the whole thing would have been memes

SteamandScenic says:

one of the greatest songs ever. Will never understand the hate for
Nickelback. this is a very relate-able song. Looking back on the memories.

Wayne “Dante” Igoe says:

Anyone else think the singer looks like Nicholas Cage in a blonde wig in
this video?

James Atkinson says:

hell ya man. i feel you bro.

Tj Mcintyre says:


Anthony Salas says:

Omg the video actually.has something to do with the song AMAZEING.

Prem B says:

Actually they are NOT that bad. I really like this song. Reminds me of my
childhood life cos of pretty cool lyrics. Anyway, have a lovely day and say
hi to your loved ones, guys 🙂

I just wanna comment says:


Jr Espinoza says:

+gmansplit I was in a hurry

Jr Espinoza says:

0:08 anyone else see the Peterbuilt

Sanele says:

+Carlos Cortes lol

zoob m says:

look at this graph.

Holly Beery says:

As Im 42 n this song actually brings back Good Memories:) cuz life is full

Raquel Ingridy says:

Langer 😍💝

photonenplayer says:

lmao when the song is actully as good as the meme

Younster LP says:

What for an meme? 😀


Me too

M4X says:

Whats the song name at 4:52?

André Luís says:

+Guilherme Neves eu sou

Canal G says:

0:58 Cellbit Sdd da Mina

jose Lopez says:


Jason Tulchin says:

I came here from the meme, but it’s actually an okay song.

Dawsoatic says:

Can’t believe the Seahawks didn’t run it

Epic Chibi says:

Listen to Nickelback, Every time I do, it makes me laugh.

Cilian says:

Look at this graph.

Ryan Williams says:


Craig Walkup says:

Who else is listening to this in 2016?

Josh Byrns says:

This band does not deserve the hate they get. They may write songs for
radio, but they have meaningful songs.

Dree Gomes says:

this song really takes me back to my childhood and my teenage days Sonia is
the first girl ive kissed, shes also the first girl i fell in love with,
dont know where she´s at now. damn time flies am 24 now but feels like
yesterday i was 12, funny how all we want is to grow up when we´re kids but
now i wish i was a kid again

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